Home Inspection Services


Whether you are buying, selling or just wanting to know the condition of your current home, a Vaughn Home Inspection will give you all of the information you need in an easy to understand report. Choose from our list of services and call us today.

Buyers Home Inspection
Home Buyers

If you are preparing to buy a home, a home inspection will give you information on potential issues before you buy.



Investment Properties

Investing in real estate can be very rewarding if you make good investment decisions. A home inspection will ensure you know what you are buying prior to closing the deal.


Inspection Details


Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Home Sellers

A Pre-Listing Inspection will ensure you are ready to sell and maximize your offer. You can also give your inspection report to potential home buyers as another marketing tool for your home.


In addition to a home inspection report, you will receive a list of recommended improvements that can help your home sell faster.



Inspection Details


Home Maintenance Inspection


Home Owners

Most home owners aren't looking to buy or sell a home, but all home owners deal with the ongoing maintenance of their investment. If you are having issues with your home that are hard to find or understand or if you just want to know the current condition of your home, let us perform a home maintenance inspection for you.


Investment Property Owners

Renters come and go. Let us inspect your investment properties before during or after the lease agreement so that you fully understand the condition of your property.



Additional Inspection Services


Radon Testing

Radon gas is prevalent in our area. It can be present in homes built on a crawlspace or a basement. Testing will ensure that you know the radon levels in your home or future home.


Detached Building Inspection

In addition to a Comprehensive or Home Maintenance Inspection you can add a deteached building inspection to document the condition of your detached garage, storage building or pool house. A detached building inspection covers all

normally inspected items in a home inspection.


Re-Inspection Service

If you have recently had a home inspection performed and deficiencies noted, let us re-inspect these corrections and verify they were done properly. If we performed your inspection, we can even issue an updated report.




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